'There is an amount of 125 or 200 euros reserved on my bankaccount...'

If you refuel in the Netherlands at an unmanned station or when you pay at an outdoor terminal, your bank will always reserve an amount of €125, €150 or €200. The bank does this to ensure you’ll be able to pay the whole transaction. Normally, the bank releases this amount immediately after refueling.

If there is a (short) malfunction in the payment system, it is possible that the reservation remains at the bank for a longer period of time. You can see this on your online payment overview, mostely indicated with an *. This can take a few minutes and in some cases several days. It is also possible that the reservation dissapears after reloading the internet page because the payment has been processed correctly.

If not, please contact your bank or credit card company. Only the bank can correct the reservation and we, Vissers Energy Group, cannot!

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